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Putting My Experience to Work

Steve Haroldson Minnich is a teacher. He earned his Master of Arts in Education degree (MAEd) with a specialization in Instructional Communications. Steve struggled in school trying to overcome an eye condition called Excessive Convergence. At age 14, he finally had a breakthrough and began to read at grade level and graduated from Omak H.S. in the top 10% of his class. Education, Communications, Technology, and Media are passions of his.

In 2007, Steve retired from public school teaching at Cusick where he had spent just under half of his teaching career. During his last few years at Cusick, he had been tasked with teaching business math and personal finances. In preparation for teaching these classes, he realized he had been planning for his own retirement income using all the wrong tools. As he learned more about the right way to create tax-free retirement income, he naturally shared his findings with his colleagues. When they couldn’t find financial professionals who could implement the planning ideas Steve had discovered, he became licensed as a financial services provider and upon retirement in 2007, he started a tax-free retirement income planning business.

In 2020, Steve legally changed his middle name to honor his deceased father, Harold Minnich. When he is hosting or doing a guest appearance on a radio show, Steve Haroldson Minnich uses his new middle name as if it were a last name. “Perhaps I’m being overly cautious, but nowadays we all need to safeguard our sensitive personal information. So, I now use my middle name for authoring books and doing radio shows and podcasts.” 

Steve and his wife, Sandy, have three adult children and 6 grandchildren. His favorite hobby is woodworking (including wood carving and chainsaw lumber milling) but he also likes biking, hiking, photography, and of course spending time with his family. Steve and Sandy have lived in the same home in Pend Oreille County since 1993.


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